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300 km from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia
1h 15min high-speed train
7 km from Zaragoza city
15 km from Zaragoza International Airport (operated by RyanAir). TNT Logistics Base
2,500 meters own facilities
• Offices, show room, engineering, metrology department, mould manufacturing, machining, RTM, etc

High speed 5-axis Gantry machining center BRETÓN Raptor 1.200: X=4.000 Y=2.800 Z=1.200 mm
High speed 5-axis Gantry machining center CMS Poseidón X=7.500 Y=2.600 Z=1.300 mm
High speed 5-axis machining center NC Rapid X=4.000 Y=2.300 Z=1.200 mm
3-axis Bridge Machining Center, AWEA VP 2012 X:2.000 Y:1.2000 Z:760 mm
Travelling cranes 10, 20 y 32 tns.
Hydraulic Spotting Press 300 Tons 2.500 X 1.200 X 2.000 mm

Automated Fiber Cutting System EASTMAN Eagle Static X= 2.440 Y= 1.330 mm – 152.4cm/s
Special Clean Room 50 m²
Special Machining Room 25 m
RTM Injection Equipment – CIJECT ONE + Injection Automatic Valves V400 with Polyester & Epoxi pump
Vacuum Machine 100 litres/min 100-150mbar absolute

Edge ScanArm + Laser Line Probe 7 axis measuring arm 2.700 mm x 360º. Scanner 3D Precision: ±35μm
DEA – MISTRAL Tri dimensional table X=2000; Y=1000
ELCOMETER – CG10 Ultrasound thickness gauge
Other equipment: Profile projector,  alexometers, micrometer, depth probe, calipers, etc.

CAD Power Shape Autodesk
CAM Powermill Autodesk
CNC Selca, Fanuc
CMM Power Inspect Autodesk, PC-Dmis
Model digitalization
Other services: MoldFlow, PAM RTM

Machinning 25.000 h/year
Engineering 5.000 h/year
Approx. anual billing 4.000.000 €
Exports (2017) 75%

Billing (%)

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautical
  • Other

Exports (%)

  • Latin America
  • Europe