Quality and Efficiency

Quality and efficient management have become strategic factors for our organization’s competitiveness, based not only in quality assurance, but also on the constant improvement and optimization of our processes, products and services.

To this avail we have designed and deployed new methods and tools to ensure continuous improvement in management, and in the final quality products and services.

A Quality Policy focused on our objectives  and the certification of our Quality Management System in 1999, have been the building blocks that have enabled our organizational system to focus on the development of new methods and processes that fully meet our clients demands.  This process based approach contributes to greater efficiency and effectiveness in achieving our established objectives, promoting continuous improvement and fostering communication and cooperation within all organizational levels.


Our Metrology Department performs all dimensional controls required to guarantee compliance with specified requirements, satisfying the needs of the different internal processes, as well as providing our customers with the best possible service.

It is equipped with the most advanced technology, which allows us to ensure and guarantee today’s dimensional control demands by means of specific procedures, all of them designed and controlled by our Quality Control Management System.

Quality of our procedures is ensued by the strict observation of established procedures, inspection processes and internal audits, as well as a fast and efficient document control and registry system.

Independence, integrity and unbiased reports are guaranteed by means of the Laboratory’s organizational structure, as well as its operation.


  • CMM tridimensional measuring
  • Profile analysis
  • Equipment calibration
  • Model digitalization
  • CAD surface generation based on digitalization
  • ENAC accredited distance and angle measuring