Expertise and know-how

Our original background in CAD / CAM / CAE – applied engineering, combined with our extensive experience in mould design and production processes, our proficiency in multiple technologies in plastics transformation, as well as the synergies created with different composite materials industries have allowed us to structure solid solutions through five business divisions.


With RTM technology being our core business, we specialize in epoxy and polyester injection on carbon and fiberglass fabrics. We design, produce and assemble sets of composite materials components. We redesign metal and plastic parts so that they can be produced in a lightweight and economical compound, with no performance loss.



30 years of experience and over 1,000 proven designs attest for our deep knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing of moulds and tools for the transformation of plastics and composite materials. We certify our moulds with demanding tests and trials.



Three high speed, continuous 5-axis machining centers with up to 8 meters reach guarantee accurate, fast and competitive milling services. ISO9100 / 9001 certified processes and dimensional in-situ verification ensure the quality of our machinings.



From the first conceptual piece, the aesthetic pattern, the functional group, to a small series in plastic, composite or sheet metal: All are possible due to the flexibility of our services and capacity of own resources and strategic alliances.



Expert consultancy and tech support, drawing on the latest technologies and high level human resources qualified in product design, tooling, calculations, simulations, project management, metrology, tracking outsourcing and more.