división composites
techo con fibra de carbono

Part Production

We are experts at making the best composite component possible.  We manufacture parts and assembled arrays to order using the best available technology in each case. Our highly automated processes ensures a profitable final product and rapid return of investment. The traceability of our processes guarantees compliance with the quality standards that each sector and each client demands. These are the technologies we master:


Using Resin Transfer Moulding technology, injection takes place inside a closed mould, in which different layers of pre-cut fibers and a low-density thermosetting resin have been previously introduced. The piece is cured after injection through a previously designed thermal circuit. One of the main of this process is the in-mould curing, being able to achieve different curing based on time and temperature variables.

RTM Light

RTM-Light Technology (Resin Transfer Moulding, Light mode) is best suited for small series, where a limited investment is required. Also, this system allows the manufacturing of large parts without the requirement of a large infrastructure. In the RTM Light moulding process, resin is injected into a closed mould of flexible configuration with the assistance of vacuum. Previously housed glass or carbon fiber reinforcement matrix, inserts and metallic reinforcements are present, according to the requirements of the part.


The infusion process involves the impregnation of one or several layers of reinforcement, placed in a composite material mould and covered by an airtight film, used as the superior mould. The resin is transported through vacuum into the reinforcement between the mould and film, and is not exposed to air (closed mould process). Once the resin has cured, the film can be removed.


This technology is based on the use of sheets of pre-impregnated material (pre-preg) with a resin matrix, in specifically controlled quantities. The resins in these materials react very slowly to room temperature, allowing moulding processes of up to several months. These pre-impregnated resins can only be cured completely using heat.


Pultrusion is a continuous productive system of polyester profiles reinforced with fiberglass. The process involves impregnating the glass fiber with a liquid resin that is then introduced into the mold by dragging technique. Afterwards, the pieces are cut as they reach the desired length, thus allowing for high strength profiles, with greater flexibility and lightness and the benefits of a high-speed production system.