We offer technological solutions, innovative and high quality products and services. We are committed to our customers, making their idea our goal. We actively participate in all phases of the creative process, design calculations, benchmarking, industrialization, etc. to guarantee their satisfaction.

Ca | División Ingeniería
Ca | División Ingeniería
Ca | División Ingeniería
Ca | División Ingeniería

Product Design

More than 20 years of experience allows us to jointly develop your needs, ideas, and designs, with time-proven solutions and improvements that allow for a fast and profitable industrialization of your product.


Our know-how in three-dimensional mould design optimizes the manufacturing process and makes complex designs reliable. A thorough Design Manual, the permanent updating of work instructions, and our constant dedication to optimizing quality in control guidelines, yields a better mould for your part.

Process Simulation

Using advanced software, we are able to accelerate results and optimize part and mould design, as well as adjust process parameters. An extensive database of materials enables the simulation to achieve results with zero defects.

Structural Calculations

Through CAE software and FEM methods we optimize products previously designed by our technicians. Static and dynamic mechanical loads analysis, deformation control and rupture limit, as well as crack and fatigue simulation tests are all part of our calculation processes and improvement.

Reverse Engineering

Based on a model, mock-up or prototype, we can scan through tactile or optical methods, in order to obtain a tridimensional mathematical definition and then export it as a surface, solid or pints to and CAD/CAM software and then modify or continue with its development.

Tracking Outsourcing

We offer engineering services outsourcing as key operational vehicle for cost reduction and control, increased productivity and competitive differentiation.